Late GIAN SINGH MADAN also known as Gian Chand Madan, son of Late S. Sunder Singh Madan was born in Gujranwala in Undivided India on 18th June 1909. A very simple, humble, self-made thorough Gentlemen who was passionate about education and valued its importance in the upliftment of society at large and for the development of the country.

One of not many Graduates of the pre-independence era, he was a visionary, who realized that the girls and boys must be given the same level of education even though at that time most people were relent to send their girls for higher education. In accordance with his vision, he ensured all his daughters got a very good education to be totally self-reliant & thus financially independent in life.
INDO CANADA EDUCATION COUNCIL(NGO) under the aegis of GIAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST—– A tribute to Late GIAN SINGH MADAN’s thoughts & an endeavour to fulfill of his ideals of bringing education closer to the masses.

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