Un étudiant ne sera plus pénalisé dans le... (ARCHIVES PC)

Quebec has announced that it will inject an additional $80M into its student loan and scholarship system, reports La Presse. The funds were made possible by a $300M annual bonus awarded by the federal government, which was financed by the abolition of tax credits for tuition and textbooks. Student associations in Quebec had expressed concern that the province might not pass the $80M on to students, yet QC Higher Education Minister Hélène David assuaged these fears by choosing to announce the new student funding jointly with the Union étudiante du Québec and the Fédération étudiante collégiale du Québec. La Presse reports that the new funding will eliminate the current practice of treating child support as income in the calculation of student assistance, along with a general revision of the allowable expenses for students receiving support.

La Presse



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