McGill University is planning to build an indoor bicycle centre as part of a plan to reduce its carbon footprint and become carbon neutral by 2040. ARTIST’S RENDITION COURTESY OF EKM ARCHITECTURE

McGill University has released its new Climate & Sustainability Action Plan (2017-2020), which includes a commitment to achieving a Platinum sustainability rating by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2040. “We knew that if we were going to address climate change on campus, we needed to think beyond 2020. That is why we set these long-term targets,” says McGill Sustainability Director François Miller. “McGill’s extensive collection of heritage buildings, as well as our research-intensive profile, make these targets a unique challenge, but this new plan sets out a roadmap for the long journey ahead.” The Montreal Gazette reports that McGill will be switching its fleet of vehicles to electric cars, upgrading its energy systems, and opening an indoor bicycle centre in order to meet these targets.

Montreal Gazette | McGill

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