Fraser, Lauchlan

Lauchlan Fraser speaks at Thompson Rivers University on Wednesday, Aug. 22.
Photograph By DAVE EAGLES

Thompson Rivers University has announced that it will be able to create its Centre for Ecosystem Reclamation, thanks to a $2.5M award of the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Ecosystem Reclamation held by Lauchlan Fraser. The program will provide project funding for researchers and trainees to study biodiversity, climate change, and soil amendments in the context of ecosystem reclamation. “We will advance and enhance research currently taking place to find ways to increase the speed with which we can restore disturbed ecosystems,” Fraser explained. “We’ll be moving into new research areas, pushing forward and expanding the envelope of our understanding.” The IRC was funded by $1.8M in industry and community pledges, as well as a federal investment of $875K.

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