International students are highly sought-after — they help create significant, middle-class jobs and economic growth in over 100 communities across Canada. In 2019 alone, Canada hosted a record 628,000 international students from around the globe, 150,000 of them for English- and/or French-language education. – Reuters


Thanks to the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is gaining a competitive edge among international students, write the leaders of several internationally-focused language schools, colleges, and universities in Canada. The authors describe how international students have played an increasingly significant role in the Canadian economy in recent years, and how the country’s success in flattening the curve will make Canada a better option for students to safely pursue higher education. “We need these students,” write the authors, “and we can safely manage their transition to Canada by following the robust public health guidelines that are available. It is time to seize this opportunity before students look elsewhere.”

(National)The Guardian

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