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New for 2021! ICEC Invites Canadian Universities to Partake in our Flagship 'Study in Canada' Student Recruitment Fair

Join ICEC for our flagship online student recruitment event as we herald an exciting new year and assist Canadian colleges and universities in overcoming COVID-19's continued impact on student recruitment and student demand for higher education opportunities in Canada.

ICEC invites Canadian universities to join us in a joint, online recruitment event that connects select Canadian universities with our student network. ICEC offers free, unbiased education counselling to students across India, having counselled over 20,000 students to-date, and we organize 'Study in Canada' fairs at our member insitutions across India. We also enjoy robust student activity on our website, with over 1000 student visitors per month. ICEC is proud to announce our 'Study in Canada' online recruitment fair event series, promoted to our member network and database of quality prospective students. We cordially invite heads of university and college international departments join us in this novel and penetrative approach to supplementing their student recruitment efforts.

To learn more about booking a space at our inaugural 'Study in Canada' recruitment fair, please provide your contact details below.

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