The school which formally came into being in July 1947 is the dream child of Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant – the renowned statesman and patriot. At the wake of the independence he was keen to have a public school for the new generation of India, in which love for the motherland and its heritage would constitute bedrock of modern education imparted with the devotion and parental care of the Gurukuls of ancient India.

The vision of Pt. G. B. Pant ultimately got materialised by the timely and generous donation from Sri G D BirlaThe renowned philanthropist and industrial doyen. The then deserted estate of Philander Smith, which during the war years had housed the Hallet War School thus became the seat of BVM.


by- Rajshekhar Pant

BIRLA VIDYAMANDIR is a Residential Public School for boys, affiliated to CBSE Delhi (Affiliation No. 3530012 School No. 08600) and member of Indian Public School’s Conference (IPSC), National Progressive Schools’ Conference(NPSC),  CBSE Sahodaya School Complex and International Confederation of Principals (ICP).

We are an ISO 9002:2000(E) The Quality Management System and ISO:14001:1996 The Environmental Management System certified institution.

Experienced and competent faculty for academic excellence and all round development of students’ personality. Facility exists for special training programme for IIT, Medical, CA and NDA.

Career Counselling Programme is organised to give the boys an opportunity of self-exploration and improvement.

Excellent Board results!

The school presents a happy blend of Indian culture and the progressive trends of schooling in contemporary times. For over past fifty years our alumni have been influencing the society with their work in different walks of life. They could be found defending the frontiers as soldiers, dominating the world of business and industry or asserting themselves as performers, creative artists or authors. The school is also proud of a galaxy of quality administrators, social workers, doctors, engineers, academicians and a varied range of professionals it has produced.


Besides imparting learning skills, BVM believes education to be the most important instrument for the transmission of culture and values from generation to generation. Inculcation of a sense of reverence in the young generation for their culture and also a desire successfully to discharge their responsibilities towards their family, society, country and above all towards humanity in general has been the avowed aim of BVM. It believes in creating not only a successful social being but also a fully cultured complete individual. …read more

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