Launched in SHIKSHAMay 2008, Shiksha represents a huge opportunity to transform existing users of other mediums into internet users for the education sector. The demand for education (domestic & abroad) and edu info services is rapidly growing in India due to an increase in enrolment in secondary education and participation of the private sector is resulting in greater awareness and spending on classifieds. and are primarily portals for information exchange; they connects the education seeker with the education provider. The sites also provides access to credible & verified data on top recruiters, education loan, accommodation and alumni salary.

A student (typically after having completed schooling, i.e., 10+2) can access comprehensive information on colleges, programs, scholarships, admission notifications, ask questions and get answers from users/experts and view recommendations for various colleges and courses. The site provides tools that enable its users to make a well informed decision by interacting with a community of users, domain experts and college/school alumni.

On the other hand, the site helps both domestic and International Universities/Institutes/Colleges attract high quality admission enquiries and thus talent. The revenue model is based on advertisements placed by colleges, institutes & universities and commission on enrollments (Only for Study Abroad). The business is supported by offices across a many cities in India.