Hi My name is Ritika, I am a first generation South Asian studying abroad. My journey is not like everyone else

I come from a humble background where I saw my parents taking out educational loans, selling their assets etc to be able to help me fund my 4 yrs degree in Kinesiology, Canada. In addition to that COVID made things worse.

I clearly remember the time of 2019-2021 when MONEY was less, OPPORTUNITIES I had were less, EXPERIENCES I had were less, which is when I decided I had to step up and help out my parents and myself

This journey started with me keeping myself open to diverse opportunities and being determined and consistent in my efforts. I then finally from a struggling international student to a financially stable 21yr old student who was about to graduate, and had gotten 3 job offers from top consulting firms before graduation, had. Non-profit of my own offered consulting services online and had become financially independent.

Using specific career strategies, LinkedIn optimization skills and content creation skills have helped me reach a stage whereby at the age of 22 I was able to pay off my student loans, become financially independent and land myself a top consulting job.

But what I just explained in a few lines before, did not happen overnight, it took me time to be able to reach where I am today