Based out of New Delhi, ICEC is a key, independent and non-profit organisation promoting Canadian education in India on the elementary, secondary and post-secondary level via a strong on-the-ground and online presence. Our objective is to promote ties and collaboration between Canadian and Indian education stakeholders and provide unbiased, up-to-date and 100% free Canadian education advice to Students from all over the Indian sub-continent.

Students receivstudent outreacj logoe free admission counselling, information and support, scholarship and internship updates and pre-departure sessions. Our Canadian education advisors have counselled over 6,000 students to date, and we promote our free student services at our free Student Seminars, year-round student fair attendance and member institution visits across India, as well as online advertising targeting Indian students interested in studying in Canada.

ICEC’s popular online Student Hub offer students tools and resources for international students. Students can apply to Colleges & Universities in Canada, find information about the Canadian education system, and and request ICEC’s free student counselling services. With over 100,000 visitors since our 2014 launch and 4000+ visitors every month, ICEC will strive to meet students’ demand for quality information on Canadian education options and institutions and looks forward to unveiling more exciting student services and website features in the months to come – including our upcoming School Search and Virtual Tour features!

ICEC relies on membership proceeds to support our good work, and we invite all Canadian and Indian institutions active in this corridor to help ICEC promote and facilitate access to Canadian education in India by registering for ICEC Membership. ICEC Members receive valuable resources and benefits such as our new ‘Student Outreach’ service for Canadian Universities, which connects Canadian Universities with quality Indian student leads via a weekly report containing queries and student documentation.

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With the recent liberalization of the economy in the Indian sub-continent and the growing affluence of the large middle class, study in foreign countries is no longer just a dream for many students from the sub-continent. It is indeed a very viable option. Students from the sub-continent are interested in foreign universities to pursue their higher education goals and tap into international career opportunities.

ICEC strongly believes in providing honest, up-to-date and accurate information with friendly, courteous and 100% free comprehensive service to Students from all over the Indian Sub-continent. We are dedicated to empowering the students of India to access the best educational and career opportunities in the world.