Swarleen Kaur

Author, Youth Personality Development Coach
Founder Director, The Talk Room

Backed by 18 years of experience, Swarleen is a passionate and devoted Youth Personality Development Coach and Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Educator, and Author. Her belief and vision is a world in which each person can learn, grow, and live a productive life. Swarleen is admired for her inclusive leadership style – she believes in taking her team along, enabling each one to develop and progress. This leadership style is borne out of her experiences, challenges, and the adversities she has tackled head on. For her, integrity coupled with hard work is the key to success.
Swarleen is happiest when working with children and youth. This passion enables her to work relentlessly for these groups by way of conversation and language skills teaching sessions. She also regularly conducts International Summits for the youth, and is a regular trainer at several colleges and schools. Currently, she is conducting a virtual summit with participants from 10 schools from across the globe, including India. The summit also boasts of 60 panelists and jury members from seven countries. Swarleen has been invited as a guest lecturer at the Punjab College for Women, Ludhiana, Amity University Patna, and a college in Coimbatore. In the month of May 2020, she successfully organized a National Debate and 26 teams from across the country got to participate in the event. The lockdown did not stop her from reaching out, and she conducted a webinar with 15 TEDX speakers to brainstorm several issues.
She was appointed as an Evaluator for the ICSE Board Exams for the year 2019-2020, while also employed as an English PGT at a reputed school in Dehradun. Swarleen is an innovator and someone who is constantly learning, given her endless curiosity and desire to change the world of learning. She was also a National Speaker at the Extempore held in Ahmedabad, UP, and also holds an International Speaking Championship (2019).
Her relentless spirit drove her to become an Entrepreneur – conceiving and putting together an organization – The Talk Room – that teaches communication and soft skills and helps with personality development, interview and etiquette training, time and stress management, mental modeling, and self-confidence and leadership, for children and young adults. Swarleen’s empathetic demeanor and understanding of human emotions fires her motivational speaking, helping people to overcome depression and feelings of loneliness and desolation. This she does as a service to humankind.
Swarleen is determined to drive solutions that would have a lasting impact. Given her incredible skill sets and attributes, she is also part of Navyug Foundation’s (national NGO) Each One Teach One mission. Another feather in her cap is using her experience as an Expert Consultant with the Pinkishe Foundation (focused on the development, well-being, pride, and happiness of the Indian Women and Girl Child – community of 2.5 lac women), an all-woman not for profit organization. This foundation is supported by celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone.
Swarleen’s love for words and expression resulted in a book entitled ‘Good Vibes Make Good Lives’ and this was published and launched on 30th August, 2020. A second but untitled book is due to be launched in January. She also penned 7 poems – which were eagerly taken on and published recently in a book of Russian poems. Another glowing acknowledgement of whatever she has done and accomplished so far is the fact that she is slated to feature in 100 Inspiring Indians, in collaboration with the Forbes Magazine.
There seem to be so many facets to Swarleen’s personality – some aspects are apparent and visible, while the others are yet to be revealed and discovered, like the fact that she loves soulful music, reading and traveling. Her vision is to touch as many lives as possible with her skills and abilities.
Swarleen is active, gifted and a multi-faceted beauty with a restless energy that ‘powers’ all she does. She is someone with a forward thinking mind-set, and is able to deal with complex matters, with surprising calmness. Her ability to smile at challenges, changes, and even setbacks, is probably due to the cordial detachment she has perfected. She seems to readily embrace all these facets and differences since she knows that it is these experiences that makes one different and truly unique. Swarleen’s strength clearly radiates from the inside – a deep seated conviction of what she wants to do, where she would like to be, and how she needs to get what she deserves.
Swarleen Kaur
Author,Youth Personality Development Coach,
Motivational Speaker and Educator
Founder Director
The Talk Room