Dr. Bikram Lamba, MA, PhD

TV commentator, Broadcaster and Writer

Usually referred to as a human encyclopedia, and an Icon of the South Asian community, the well-known, versatile TV commentator, broadcaster, and writer Dr. Bikram Lamba is a political and business strategist. His combined experience of over 50 years in diverse fields covering civil service, teaching, management of organizations as profit centers, and as a management consultant have helped him evolve a futuristic vision that is pragmatic, and based on realities and an attitude that is multidisciplinary, multifunctional, multicultural and holistic.

Holding the degrees of M.A. and Ph.D., he taught at Delhi University and was also a political strategist advising the Prime Minister of the day.
As a political strategist to the Prime Minister of India, he assisted in the development of the country, both economically and politically. He had the vision to help the country embark upon space exploration, fiscal reforms, and income generation projects, and was pivotal in the creation of a new country. He was instrumental in changing the shape of the country.

He was also invited to Uzbekistan and helped set up health systems in that country. He was also invited by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2005 to address the slack economy in that country.

He also interacted with President Kofi Agyekum Kufuor of Ghana to create a blue print of infrastructure in that developing country.

Thereafter, he joined the corporate sector and was the CEO of an organization having global operations with bases in the UK, South Korea, India, and Nigeria, and employing 27,000 employees.

He set up his own consultancy in 1986 and since then has been advising innumerable clients including the Federal and Provincial Governments of India, the US Department of Commerce, Governments of Uzbekistan, Ghana, Malaysia etc., and a number of private organizations.
He had the vision to foresee the need of having a full-fledged Ministry to take care of Energy from Non Conventional Sources and advised and assisted the Prime Minister create such a ministry – the first ever ministry dedicated to non-conventional energy sources. India thus became the first country in the world to have such a ministry.

In 2010, 45000 Canadians signed a petition to the Prime Minister that he be appointed the Governor General of Canada.

He has also been an expert group member of UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO and ECSAP. He was instrumental in helping UN University establish a two year teaching programme leading to degree in Technology Forecasting, Identification and Evaluation. This is an exclusive program designed by Dr. Lamba and his team and is marked by innovation and has been very well received. He was also invited by UN Peace University in Costa Rica to help identify the possibility of setting up a campus in Toronto, and the proposal is under discussion. He was also assisting APCTT – a subsidiary body of ESCAP- to bring out Vatis Updates on new technologies in diverse fields and sectors. Dr Lamba has delivered over 500 workshops, seminars and lectures on various economic and developmental subjects. He is on the editorial advisory board of Canadian Business and Money magazines; and is also an editorial adviser to Harper Collins. He has
published 7 books and written over 2,000 articles.

He writes a regular column “World View” for The Mississauga Business Times. This column is rated a top attraction for its perceptive attention to subtle nuances of the world economy. He is a regular speaker at WEF, Davos.

He is also regularly invited by Euro News and Euro Voice to comment on diverse issues. He had a five day live radio talk show on 101.3 fm for 5 years where he analyzed the news – both political and economic, and he is known for his depth of comprehension of diverse issues and vast knowledge. And now he has live talk show on 100.7fm for first four days of the week

He provided critical comments on current issues on Rogers Local Channel 10 every week for 10 years

His articles appear regularly on CNN – ireport, and PublicVoice TV, Word Press and LinkedIn. CNN awarded him One in a Million Badge for his writing
He had a one hour TV show called Dr. Lamba’s Awakening Call which is telecast every Saturday at 9:00 am EST coast-to-coast and was seen on Rogers Channel 129, Express VU Channel 217 and Star Choice Channel 348.

Community Involvement
As a Canadian, he is a staunch supporter of Canadian values and is actively involved with the community as:

  1. Was Ombudsman of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada( for five years) and now senior Adviser to the President & Chair of the Board .
    2. Member: Grant Review Team of Ontario Trillium Foundation
    3. Chair: National Forum for Civic Action of Canada Was:
    4. Director: Mississauga Board of Trade for 6 years and on Environment & International Trade Committees
    5. Director: Senior Peel Link and on the Policy & Personnel Committe
    6. Director: Halton- Peel- Dufferin Training Board
    7. Director: Heritage Mississauga
    8. Director: CNIB
    9. Member: Innisfil City Grant Committee
    10. Director: United Way
    11. Member of County of Simcoe Immigration Partnership Council
    12. Chair: Governance Committee of United Way
  • He was honored at Queens Park for his leadership by Minister Harinder Thakkar ·YMCA awarded him the prestigious 2010 Peace Medallion for community service,
    leadership, and being a role model for the promotion of global peace ·Was honored by the Lt. Governor and awarded for Free Speech and Human Rights.
    ·Was awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for my services to the community

International Recognitions:
1He has been invited 12 times by Euronews and European Voice to contribute to the discussion relating to various aspects of Sustainable Development
1 The European Commission invited him to participate in the 8th European Forum on Eco- Innovation, held in Bilbao (Spain) on the 20th. and 21st. of April 2010, and to speak on “Making Eco-Innovation happen in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
2. He was invited by the ICC as a key note speaker to the 34th World Congress to discuss future business development in the global economy.
3. He was recently invited by China to deliver a Key-note speech on a Three Day International Seminar on Nanotechnology.
4. He has been invited to be the Chair of an international symposium on Bio-Mass and Bio-energy in China to be held in April 2013.

He has been associated with:
1 International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Dr. Bikram Lamba
ON, Canada
email: lambabikram@gmail.com