Eva M. Pawlowska


Eva brings to ICEC her extensive experience in marketing, business development and management. She is a seasoned navigator of the Canada-India education space with over 8 years’ experience organizing networking and learning events, identifying opportunities for collaboration and business development, and offering tailored, technology-integrated solutions to meet stakeholder and member needs. With her unique skill-set, Eva is well-positioned to market Canadian academic institutions to the Indian market in terms of both student recruitment and education linkages, including partnerships, joint programming, exchange programs, and other areas of collaboration. She is a strong proponent of international education and its many advantages to both source and flow countries. However, having seen first-hand the potential pitfalls and ethical concerns of agent-based international student recruiting, Eva is excited to assist ICEC in promoting their free ‘Student Outreach’ services to prospective students, as well as to overall contribute to the success of an organisation with a dedicated philosophy and impeccable values.

Eva is also an entrepreneur and Founder / Web Design & Marketing Consultant at EMPdesign.ca, a Toronto-based web design and marketing company specializing in helping nonprofits, mid-sized businesses and government bodies reach their business objectives through tailored web solutions. Eva closely follows technology trends and is passionate about information sharing, network platforms and corporate social responsibility.