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Source: Phil Noble/Pool/AFP

Australia continues to struggle to adopt Canada’s education model as Canada’s strong COVID-19 response has secured it its place as the “most attractive study destination,” in a recent agent survey. In contrast to Australia’s continued border closure, international students can enter Canada barring they meet certain criteria. Education agents from Nepal, China and the UK say students are increasingly looking at Canada to study abroad.

While Canada has opened its borders to international students, Universities are required to have an COVID-19 readiness plan approved prior to accepting international students. Canada has also removed the quarantine requirement providing students are vaccinated and test negative for COVID-19 prior to arrival. Canada also allows non-vaccinated students to enter Canada with the requirement that they are tested pre-departure, on arrival, and on the eighth day of landing.

Canada’s model stands in stark contrast to Australia’s, which has kept borders closed to international students since March 2020, with the exception of a pilot project allowing 63 international students to enter last November. Previous programmes were stalled due to outbreaks of COVID-19.

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